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New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Maria Kalašnikova on

2016th is going to end tonight. For some people it was really difficult year, for someone it was more pleasant, but regardless of how this year went, reflecting can be helpful. 

How should you start? We suggest you to focus on resources you gained during this year: achievements, personal qualities, skills or knowledges. Don’t forget people, events or ideas, who or what kept you going. It is important to focus on positive sides of the experience. That gives you hope for the future and strengthen your self-confidence. Type Tomorrow offers you End Of The Year Reflection printable template, that you can download for free.


Reflection can be really useful for writing New Year's Resolutions. Type Tomorrow suggests to start with a small trip to the future. Close your eyes and imagine, that it is the end of 2017th. Think about this passed year, what was it like, what did you achieve, where have you been and who have you met. Let yourself dream a little bit! It is important to imagine your desirable future. 

After this little trip it could be easier to put some goals to each area of your life. Pick something for your personal, professional, romantic, financial, physical and emotional lives. You can also add some important area to this list. 

After main goals are clear, write down each one of them, adding deadlines and small steps toward the goals. Use Type Tomorrow New Year Resolution printable templates.


For Type Tomorrow it was very interesting year. Our big dream came true thanks to You and other people, who appreciate what are we doing! We wish you Happy New Year, full of creativity and beautiful moments!

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